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Welcome to Cat’s TCM Notes, a resource portal Chinese, Asian, and energetic medicine. Feel free to look around, download as needed, but always remember the note downloads are to remain free to everyone so you cannot charge for material I generated. I hold the copyright, so I get to decide how that goes down. :)

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Dear New Graduates: Rest!

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Cats TCM Notes - graduation new graduates restEuphoria, relief, terror, urgency. These were the four emotions that cycled through, overlapped, and generally disturbed my shen once I finally graduated from TCM school.

I was so relieved to be done with school and yet the realization that there would be no more student loan money was a powerful force. I started working on building a new business within 24 hours of graduation. I studied for the herbal board. I pumped out flyers. I registered a business name. I built a bad website… [Read More]

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Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow

Cats TCM Notes Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)Lateral epicondylitis, commonly called “tennis elbow,” is an inflammation, soreness, or pain on the lateral side of the upper arm on or near the elbow joint. Many patients have no pain when resting, but feel a sharp or radiating deep ache at the joint and down the Large Intestine Channel.

Lateral epicondylitis can be a partial tear of the tendinous attachment of the extensor carpi radialis longus and/or extensor carpi radialis brevis to the lateral epicondyle at the elbow joint. This tearing can occur in the muscle near where these fibrous attachments begin or they can occur in the tendon itself…[Read More]