- San Miguel de Allende

Spring Updates

Buenos Dias, amigos! (Or buenas tardes….or buenas noches, depending on when you’re reading this.)

Why am I greeting you in Spanish? Because my partner and I have moved to Mexico. The photo you see above is San Miguel de Allende, where we have landed for now. I do not know yet if this will become home, but we are trying it out for a while.

So what’s up for CatsTCMNotes? Well, now that I’m in Mexico on a tourist visa and basically cannot legally work here, I’m creating more videos for TCMReview to help you guys prep for your boards, I’ll be spending some time updating CatsTCMNotes, blogging a lot, and trying to nail down an answer as to how exactly I DO get to work in Mexico and how to get licensed here. Answers, even from official sources are thus far vague and contradictory!

If you want to check out my non-Chinese medicine related blog, you’re welcome to do so here: There is some good stuff in there. - TCM Review
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Cat’s TCM Notes
Master Tung Point Reference Section - Cat Calhoun, L.Ac. creator of Cat's TCM Notes, a learning resource for students, practitioners, and patients of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine.I’m Cat from Cat’s TCM Notes and I’m dedicated to keeping both myself and you educated about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, energetic treatment theory, and treatment protocols.

I’ve been in practice since 2011. I am dedicated to keeping my skills current and to always learning new things. Lately I’ve been searching for ways to treat pain with fewer needles and better results. Why? Because most of the patients that initially seek out acupuncture come to people like me for pain relief and pain control. If I do my job as effectively as possible I make believers out of skeptics and help people out. - San Cha points Master Tung's PointsI am getting great results for pain patients (and for many other chronic ailments) by using Master Tung techniques and protocols. As I learn I am creating a Master Tung reference here online, both for my use and for yours. I’ve included a Point Locator section for frequently used Tung points as well as sections on¬†Treatment Protocols, and Master Tung Theory. Points from Dr. Young’s and Dr. Maher’s books are included.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.27.35 PMUse the search button at the top right of any CatsTCMNotes¬†page (look for the magnifying glass that looks like the one to the left) to search by point name or by point number. You can also visit the pages from the menu to find points you’re looking for or to just learn more about Tung style acupuncture.

The point location reference includes location and best methods to locate, point indications, best clinical use for the points, suggested point combinations, and pictures to help you use them in your clinic setting.