Vegan: It’s cooler than you think

Did you know that in Chinese medicine acupuncture and herbs are considered extreme interventions? True story. In many parts of the world where Chinese medicine is practiced the first thing a Chinese doc will prescribe to you to resolve a given condition is often diet, exercise, and qigong/meditation/tai chi.

Cat's TCM Notes - Vegan is cooler than you thinkBy thinking of food as medicine instead of food as emotional numbing tool or food as entertainment you can heal a lot of physical problems. Shifts in food perspective can heal you and in a broader scope it can heal the planet.

I’m not bagging on meat eaters. If you hunt, raise your own critters and eat them, if you know someone personally who does this for you, then you’re better off than most. What I AM bagging on is agri-business, which is high on cruelty and exploitation, high on chemical additives and hormones, and doesn’t give a damn about you other than your ability to hand over your money.

If you’re not vegan, I challenge you to give it a try for just one day a week and pay attention to how you feel both mentally and physically. There are a lot of options for a plant-based diet now that will fill you up, make your tastebuds happy, make you a healthier person, and will give your healing practice a whole new boost of energy too. When your diet is clean your energy will be clean and patients will start responding to you in a whole new way.

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