Treatment styles are listed below in alphabetical order. I’ve left TCM out, because duh! The rest of the site it all about that.

Auricular Acupuncture

The link above is for the class handouts from Advanced Needling 1 with Dr. Liu. If you want further reading, check out Dr. Terrence Oleson’s book, Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western systems of ear acupuncture. Terrific manual for all things auricular, complete with treatment protocol suggestions about various dysfunctions. If you want to buy it, here’s the Amazon link. Do it. You’ll use it forever in your clinic.

I also recommend the app “TCM Clinic Aid” for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Classical Acupuncture Styles

Needling styles from the Neijing, four methoCatsTCMNotes - Acupunctureds for dredging channels and activating Qi, eight methods for treating disease, heat strengthening method, cold reducing method, activating and lifting Qi.

Esoteric Acupuncture Treatment Protocols

I’ll admit it: this is my true acupuncture love. I have included several treatment protocols that you might like to try in clinic. You will find harmonizing patterns for unblocking qi flow and bringing mental and spiritual clarity and you will find the “new encoding” patterns which are used for psycho-emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

I encourage you *not* to use these for physically based ailments. You have plenty of TCM points for that. Take the time to read about the esoteric patterns and understand when and why they are used. This is acupuncture that treats more than just the dense physical body: it treats the root of disease that begins in the energetic envelopes we don’t see with our eyes. I occasionally offer classes locally in Austin Texas for introducing practitioners and students to esoteric concepts and esoteric acupuncture.

Dr. Mikio Sankey offers classes in Los Angeles California and Boulder Colorado. His classes are well worth taking.

Foot Reflexology

Ok, no, it’s not strictly acupuncture per se, but if you do this for your patients the last 10 minutes of the treatment or so they will come back to see you and will love you for it. Think of it as a little value added service you give that most people don’t. You could substitute Tui Na if you took the classes on that too. Shen will do this at the end of a treatment and it makes patients extremely compliant about rescheduling! Oh, and did I mention it’s really good for their health? 🙂

Master Tung Acupuncture

Master Tung Style Acupuncture, also called Tung’s Magic Points, is a style of acupuncture that was developed from old family systems that existed prior to the Chinese Culture Revolution. Though critics claim it is merely a series of extra points, it is actually heavily based in channel theory, often in ways that are not covered in TCM school.

Tung acupuncture uses distal points and focuses heavily on the interrelation between channels and on body imaging or mirroring. Fewer points are used than in TCM with highly effective results for most patients. [Read more]

Scalp Acupuncture

Two amazing resources for scalp acupuncture by two awesome professors at AOMA.

Scalp Acupuncture by Dr. Liu
Scalp Acupuncture by Dr. Shen

Dr. Tan’s Balance Method

An explanation of the Balance Method and a handy chart of the five systems and the corresponding channels. For further reading, I recommend Acupuncture 1, 2, 3. Available in the AOMA Library for those of you who are local to the Austin area. Great read and explains it all. Also, check out Dr. Tan’s website. If you get a chance to take a seminar with him, do it! He’s hilarious and brilliant.

Threading Needling Techniques

Threading techniques and tips. Great to reduce the number of needles you need. Really cool thing to learn.

Wrist/Ankle Acupuncture

Very convenient go-to for all kinds of ailments. Worked well for me in community clinics along with Master Tung and Dr. Tan methods.