The Master Tung Point Locator guide is a partial list of the points I use the most often. If you want a comprehensive list, look at the Dr. Young books and the Dr. James Maher books. Note that not all points on the fingers and dorsal side of the hands are indicated with a number. The numbering system is used by some practitioners, but not others.

Points and Locations

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11.xx Fingers and Dorsal Hand Points
22.xx Hand and Palm Points
33.xx Lower Arm Points
44.xx Upper Arm Points
55.xx Foot (Plantar) Points
66.xx Lateral and Superior Foot Points
77.xx Lower Leg Points
88.xx Thigh Points
99.xx Ear Points
1010 Head Points

Location Lines of the Hand

CatsTCMNotes - how to locate points on the palm and fingers 11.xx pointsLines are indicated alphabetically. A-E are on the palmar side while D-H are on the dorsal side.

A line: Look at your index finger, holding it palmar side up. Look where the pink/white skin meets on the radial side. That’s A.
C line: down midline of palmar side of index.
E line: ulnar side where pink/white divides.
G line: dorsal side midline
H line: between G/dorsal midline and A where pink/white on radial side is.

You can extrapolate where the B, D, F, etc are located based on this, eh?

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