Finger Spine Needles

11.17 Finger Spine Needles (Maher)
11.11 & 11.12 Fexin Erjiaoming (Young)


CatsTCMNotes - Master Tung Finger Spine Needles4th finger (ring finger), dorsal aspect, G line (midline).
11.11: 3 needles equally spaced on the middle interphalangeal segment.
11.12: 3 needles equally spaced on the proximal interphalangeal segment.
Finger Spine Needles is the same.

Indications and Clinical Applications

  • Back and neck pain on the Du channel. That includes disc problems as those are on the midline/Du channel.
  • 11.11: Pain in the cervical and thoracic spine. Neck pain, cervical bone spurs and bridging, occipital headache.
  • 11.12: Pain in the lower back spine. Wrenched, aching, sprained back, sciatica, bone spurs.


Dr. Young says pinch the skin to insert and insert on the midline, needling from the radial side toward the ulnar side. Flush across the bone.

Other points for back pain:

Cervical and thoracic pain – 11.17 (Maher)
Lumbar sprain: 22.05, 66.01
Abnormal spinal curvature: 44.01

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