Zhong Bai, Xia Bai, Jing Dian

Zhong Bai 22.06 and Xia Bai 22.07 (Young)
Jing Dian (a Dr. Richard Tan point)

The Zhong Bai, Xia Bai, and Jing Dian points can be used together for the indications and clinical applications you will find below.


CatsTCMNotes.com - Zhong Bai, Xia Bai, and Jing Dian pointsZhong Bai 22.06: Locate this point like Sj 3, between the 4th and 5th knuckles and just below the heads. Needle it perpendicularly.

Xia Bai 22.07: Locate this point 1 cun proximal to 22.06. Needle it perpendicularly also.

Jing Dian: Between the 3rd and 4th knuckles, and just below the bone heads. Level with SJ 3/Zhong Bai.


  • Meniere’s Disease, ringing in the ears, dizziness,
  • Pain behind the heart, spinal pain, pain in the malleolus, sciatica along the shaoyang channel
  • Renal issues, edema due to kidney problems, kidney stones
  • Kidney stones, gallstones, bladder stones
    You’ll beg better results if you use herbs with these points instead of relying on only the points to clear the stones. Evergreen Herbs makes some terrific patent formulas to clear all 3 of these kinds of stones. Dissolve KS will dissolve kidney and bladder stones and relieve the pain associated with them. Dissolve GS works for gallstones and actually soften and erode them so that they pass painlessly.
  • Liver issues
  • Astigmatism
  • Fatigue

Best Clinical Uses

  • Zhong Bai and Xia Bai are great for lower back and sciatica pain, all kinds of ear and hearing problems including Meniere’s, and all kinds of kidney issues.
  • Jing Dian is also terrific for neck pain.

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