Double Son Double Fairy

Double Son Double Fairy 22.01, 22.02 (Young)
Dr. Maher has a similar set called Palm Three Needles
Tu Shui 22.11 is also similar to Double Son Double Fairy but closer to the bone

Location - Double Son Double Fairy Master Tung Points

Though Double Son and Double Fairy have 2 different numbers and indications, they are used together as a Dao Ma combination.

22.01, Double Son or Double Child, is located in the thenar eminence about 1 cun down from the line of the thumb fold on the palm and parallel to the 1st metacarpal bone.

22.02, Double Fairy or Double Saint, is located in the thenar eminence on the opposite side of the hand from Ling Gu. Double Fairy communicates well with this point, so that locator works better for me than many others I’ve seen described.

Clinical Use

  • Neck and shoulder pain. These points, when used together are very effective for pain and sprain. You can also combine with Ren 24 for better therapeutic effect. Also helps with finger contracture problems, which are often related to tightness in the scalenes.
  • Gynecological issues: fibroids, cysts, ovarian problems, uterine proble\ms.
  • Reproductive issues for men: BPH and other reproductive issues
  • Lung issues: pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, phlegm that’s hard to expel, chest pain, COPD.


The LU and UB channels are so connected which is why it works for shoulder, back pain, and uterine problems. These points are on the Lung channel and so close to Lu 10, how could they not help with respiratory problems? As a matter of fact, if you look at Tu Shui 22.11, then you have Lu 10 in the set. Tu Shui is located closer to the bone than Double Son Double Fairy.

The list of indications for this point include swelling along the whole skeletal system, lumbago, sore achy knees, thigh pain, acute or chronic gastritis, cough, asthma, dyspnea, and sciatica.

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