Scholar Three Needles

Scholar Three Needles 33.04 – Maher
Three Scholars 33.13, 33.14, 33.15 – Young - Master Tung's Scholar Three NeedlesLocation

On the Lung channel in a line between Lu 9 and Lu 5. Find Lu 9 as a reference then locate the points as follows:

Tian Shi or Heavenly Scholar 33.15: 10 cun proximal to the palmar wrist crease (Lu 9) or 2 cun distal from Lu 5.

Di Shi or Earth Scholar 33.14: 7 cun proximal to the wrist crease (Lu 9) or 3 cun distal to Tian Shi. Also, 5 cun distal to the Lu 5 point.

Ren Shi or Man Scholar 33.13: 4 cun proximal to the palmar wrist crease (Lu 9) or 3 cun distal to Di Shi.


  • Lung and Lung/Heart connections – any lung issues, skin problems, heart problems, asthma, cough, chest issues, allergies, breathing and constriction of breath
  • Lower and mid back pain, Kidney area pain, pain in T10-L2 area
  • Upper neck pain (reversed image)
  • Leg pain
  • Add Lung 5 to treat shoulder pain with these points.


Note that there are discrepancies about the location of these points. Some practitioners locate them on the PC channel.

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