Three Gates

Hold Three Doors 33.12 (Maher)
Three Gates 33.10, 33.11, 33.12 (Young) - Hold Three Doors or Three Gates Master Tung pointLocation

On the lateral arm along the Small Intestine Channel, just medial to the ulna and tendon(or below the bone if you lay the arm flat on a table)

Changmen/Intestine Gate 33.10: 3 cun proximal to the pisiform bone (where Si 4 is)
Ganmen/Liver Gate 33.11: 6 cun proximal to the pisiform bone
Xinmen/Heart Gate 33.12: 1.5 cun distal to the elbow in the depression


  • 33.10 Intestine Gate:
    Urgent diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating, all kinds of intestinal problems including acute and chronic enteritis and gastritis. Lower jiao problems.
  • 33.11 Liver Gate:
    Most effective for acute hepatitis. Any kind of liver issues, rib pain, flank pain, hepatitis, liver pain, middle digestive issues. Middle jiao problems
  • 33.12 Heart Gate:
    Any kind of heart issues. Upper jiao problems.


If you image the whole body on the lower arm the coccyx would be at the elbow. You can treat coccxyodynia, rib pain, upper neck pain, lower back and knee pain (Xinmen is at the elbow and images the knee).

Brad Whisnant says the 33.10 point Intestine Gate is at the SI’s yuan source, but that doesn’t bear out in the Young books.

Small Intestine channel helps drain dampness so great for diarrhea, hepatitis, heart edema.

Channel theory says the Si treats Sp, Ht, Lv, Bl, and Si.

This is the reaction area of the Liver, Kidneys, Intestines, and Heart

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