Qi Hu or Seven Tigers

Qi Hu or Seven Tigers 77.26 (Young)

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This is a 3 point unit on the Bladder channel of the lower leg.

1st point: Bl 60
2nd point: 2 cun proximal to Bl 60
3rd point: 2 cun proximal to 2nd point


  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Scapula pain
  • Inflammation of the clavical
  • Swollen and painful ribs

Best Clinical Use

  • Neck and shoulder pain, especially if the pain is in the occipital region along the Bladder channel (Bl 10 and directly distal). If the pain is more lateral, along the Gallbladder channel, use San Zhong / Three Weights.


Needle it perpendicularly 1/2 to 1 cun in depth.

Dr. Robert Chu recommends 1/2 cun and says you don’t need to force the Qi to come with manipulation. In my experience I’ve found he’s right. I sometimes needle Ling Gu and Da Bai on the unaffected side and then these points on the affected side.

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