San Zhong or Three Weights

San Zhong or Three Weights 77.05-.07 (Young) - San Zhong or Three Weights Master Tung point for lateral neck painLocation

This is a 3 point unit on the Gallbladder channel of the lower leg. Master Tung’s points for the Gb channel, however area not located posterior to the fibula, but anterior to it – between the posterior edge of the tibia and the anterior margin of the fibula.

Yi Zhong (1st Weight) 77.05: Gb 39
Er Zhong (2nd Weight) 77.06: 2 cun proximal to Gb 39
San Zhong (3rd Weight) 77.07: 2 cun proximal to 2nd point

Best Clinical Use

  • Neck pain along the Gallbladder channel.


Needle it perpendicularly 1/2 to 1 cun in depth.
Dr. Robert Chu recommends 1/2 cun and says you don’t need to force the Qi to come with manipulation. In my experience I’ve found he’s right. I sometimes needle Ling Gu and Da Bai on the unaffected side and then these points on the affected side.

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