Lower Three Emperors

Lower Three Emperors or Xia San Huang 77.xx (Young)


You will see many variations in how Lower Three Emperors is described. Some practitioners locate them as Sp 9, Sp 6 and a point right in between. Dr. Young described it like this in a seminar I took with him.

Heavenly Emperor: Shen Guan, 1.5 cun distal to Sp 9
Di Huang/Earthly Emperor: a floating point between Shen Guan and Sp 6*
Ren Huang/Human Emperor: Sp 6.

CatsTCMNotes.com - Lower Three Emperors or Xia San Huang - Master Tung point*Slide your finger up and down the posterior margin of the bone and feel for a depression between Shen Guan and Sp 6. Start at the mid point and palpate lightly, exploring both proximally and distally on the Spleen channel around the mid point. Also explore the Liver and Kidney channels in the same manner. Needle perpendicularly where you find the depression.

Needle the points perpendicularly in this order. Remove them in reverse order. Palpate for the depression in the vicinity of these point locations and needle there, even if Deadman and CAM would disagree!


  • Too many to list! See Dr. Young’s and Dr. Maher’s books.

Best Clinical Uses

  • Tonifies both the Spleen and Kidney channels.
  • Treats the Center (Spleen and Stomach) and reaches all channels
  • SO many clinical applications – diabetes, Kidney decline, digestive problems….
  • Add more?


In Dr. Young’s view, Shen Guan serves as the “Heavenly Emperor” of the Three Emperors. Some practitioners use Sp 9 as the Heavenly Emperor and add Shen Guan after needling the other 2 Emperors.

Dr. Robert Chu needles all of the points of Xia San Huang right next to the bone.

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