Upper Leg Points 88.xx

Master Tung upper leg points are often referred to with a numbering system that begins with 88.xx. The numbers after the . will vary depending on what Master Tung reference you are reading. There’s no “correct” one. There is just variation. This is a system based on channel acupuncture, on reflex zones of the body, and on imaging the body. How you interpret that may vary.

This is only a partial list of the points I use the most often. If you want a comprehensive list, look at the Dr. Young books and the Dr. James Maher books. Note that not all points on the fingers and dorsal side of the hands are indicated with a number. The numbering system is used by some practitioners, but not others.

 English Pinyin Maher Young
Penetrating Gate
Penetrating Mountain
Penetrating Heaven
Tong guan
Tong shan
Tong tian
 Three Sisters Jie mei yi
Jie mei ‘er
Jie mei san
Four Horses
or Rapid Horses
Si ma zhong (middle)
Si ma shang (upper)
Si ma xia (lower)

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