Master Tung Style Treatment Protocols

General Treatment

It’s always great to have a general treatment protocol ‘in your pocket’ when 1) a patient wants a general tune-up or maintenance treatment, 2) when you are totally befuddled as to what the heck is going on (hence the WTH Protocol below), and 3) when the patient begins to see you, you do now what the heck, but it’s so complex you don’t really know where to start.

Miriam Lee’s 10 Points

This is a great starter pack for anyone delving into Master Tung points. Ironically, this general, global root tonification treatment are all channels and points we learned in TCM school and don’t contain a single “Master Tung” point. Use this set for strong patients who need a general tune-up and who are about to participate in an athletic event. You can also use this for weaker patients (shorter retention time) who have complex cases. This will settle out the easy stuff so you can get to what’s left.

Needle these points bilaterally for the 10 points: St 36, Sp 6, Lu 7, Li 4, Li 11.

Robert Chu’s WTH Protocol

This awesome protocol is a more advanced move than the Miriam Lee 10. This point combination focuses on the Liver/Gallbladder channels, Spleen/Stomach channels, and Liver overacting on Spleen. It also promotes flexibility in the body and calms the mind.

Liver supressing the middle jiao is extremely common in this society and is a great place to start treating someone. It also happens to tonify the Kidney and promotes elimination of toxins through the bowels. Win/Win, yo!

Musculoskeletal and Body Pain

  • Back pain
    • Includes upper, middle, and low back (lumbar or lumbago) pain, sciatic pain (sciatica), and piriformis syndrome


Internal and Chronic Ailments


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