Acute Bronchitis Protocol - Acute BronchitisAcute bronchitis is often the by-product result of colds and flus. Symptoms of acute bronchitis include a hacking cough and fever/chills. Phlegm is usually copious and can be white, yellow, or green, depending on how much heat or heat toxicity is present. The phlegm generally starts a couple of days after the cough, but that can vary. Your patient may experience soreness or tightness in the chest, and shortness of breath. He or she may even have pain in the chest, often below the breastbone when trying to take a deep breath. If you listen with a stethoscope, you’re likely to hear a wheeze.

Needle the points in the following order for acute bronchitis:

  1. Shuijin (Water Gold) and Shuitong (Water Through).
    Needle bilaterally and angle the needle upwards toward the upper point.
  2. Three Scholars
    Use the right arm for women, left arm for men.
  3. Xia San Huang
    Needle the right leg for women, left leg for men.

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