Master Tung points offer some excellent options for knee pain. The following options come from Dr. Wei-Chieh Young’s book, Lectures on Tung’s Acupuncture: Therapeutic Systems. I’ve used several of them for arthritis pain, for post-surgical pain, and for chronic pain after an old injury that wasn’t properly cared for.

Chronic knee pain Bleed Sanjin DT.07
General knee pain
  • Jian zhong 44.06
  • Zhongjian 11.05
  • Dan 11.13
  • Mu Huo 11.10
  • Xinmen 33.12
  • Si Hua Zhong 77.09 + Si Hua Xia 77.11
    Needle along border of bone
  • Neiguan (PC 6) on healthy side +
    Taichong (Lv 3) on diseased side
Knee joint pain Zhongjian 11.05 + Dan 11.13
Knee sprain*

*Regardless of affected ligaments

Herbal Therapy

If you are creating powders or raw formulas for knee pain, you have many options. However, if your patient prefers to take patent formulas, consider these options:

Evergreen Herbs
These are my favorite patents, so forgive me for hawking them. They are terrific.

  • Knee and Ankle (Acute)
    for injuries and acute problems less than 3 weeks in age.
  • Knee and Ankle (Chronic)
    for knee pain that’s been going on more than 3 weeks.
  • Traumanex
    If the knee pain resulted from injury, add Traumanex to their other herbal formulas for faster and more thorough healing.

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