WTH Protocol

Dr. Robert Chu’s WTH Protocol is a great global balancing treatment which focuses on Liver/Gallbladder and on Spleen/Stomach as well as Liver overacting on the Middle Jiao.

Left Side Xia San Huang*
St 36
St 37
Right side Huo Ying, Huo Zhu
Liver 6**
Gallbladder 34
Gallbladder 39

*Dr. Chu needles all of the Xia San Huang points right next to the bone, including the Middle Emperor. This is different from how Dr. Young needles them.

**Liver 6, the Xi Cleft of the Liver channel, is needled on the same level as the TCM version, but it’s needled right next to the bone on the Spleen channel.

St 36 is used for balancing the Middle Jiao. St 37 is the Lower He Sea point of the Large Intestine and promotes elimination of toxins and healthy bowel activity. Gallbladder 34, the master point of tendons and sinews, keeps the body flexible. Gallbladder 39 is the master point of marrow, which includes the brain. This is calming for the mind.

All points are needled perpendicularly. You do not need to manipulate the needles in order to get the de qi sensation – the qi will come when it is ready and you don’t need to force it. Leave the needles in 28.8 minutes, says Dr. Chu. . . but 30 minutes is fine.


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