Vertigo Protocols

As with all things Chinese medicine, vertigo protocols are driven by differential diagnosis. There are some ‘magic points’ that treat vertigo, most notably the combination of Ling Gu and LI 11, but you still need to figure out the “why” of the vertigo – Liver yang rising? Blood deficiency? Meniere’s?

General vertigo points
Combine these points together.
Works regardless of cause.
Ling gu
LI 11
Vertigo due to hypertension or hypotension
Do these in order indicated 1. Blood letting at DT 04
2. Huoying 66.03
Vertigo due to “cerebral anemia” (blood xu)
Tong guan 88.01
Tong shan 88.02
Tong tian 88.03
Vertigo due to Meniere’s¬†
General vertigo points
Add PC 6
Vertigo due to pathology in cerebral nerves
General vertigo points
Add Xia San Huang
Severe vertigo
Bleed Sanzhong 77.07

Ling Gu supplements Qi and tonifies the Kidney. Because it is on the LI channel, which has a strong connection to Lv, it is effective for vertigo. You will getter better therapeutic effect by combining Ling Gu with LI 11, the he sea point on the LI channel which addresses the correct flow of Qi through the channel. The LI channel is one of the Yangming channels, meridians which are rich in Qi and Blood.