Point LocationThe amazing Dr. Xiaotian Shen was my point location teacher in school. He is a fabulous teacher, a wonderful clinic supervisor, and a great photographer.  Dr. Shen also teaches at the speed of sound. While I have provided some Word docs below for the first few classes, I finally realized I could take notes faster in my book than I could on the computer, so the notes stopped for the most part. But that’s ok, because if you seriously want to learn point location your best bet is to learn it through Peter Deadman’s A Manual of Acupuncture and an awful lot of hands-on practice.

The Deadman book is wonderful in that it provides so much information….and horrible in that it provides so much information! That makes it hard to know what to focus on when you are learning the points. The study materials below will give you the bare bones information you need to successfully locate points. This is probably more useful for student clinic use and for taking tests while you are in school than memorizing and eating the whole Deadman book.

Study Materials


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