Basic Acupuncture Techniques

Cat's TCM Notes - acupuncture techniques needle insertion with guide tubeHere you will find the 101 and 102 versions of acupuncture techniques for both needling and adjunct therapies we use such as cupping, moxibustion (moxa), e-stim (electro-acupuncture), guasha, and more. This is covered in the Basic Acupuncture Techniques section.

Advanced Acupuncture Techniques

Advanced Techniques will give you a taste of the possible modalities you can include. Explore different styles and schools of acupuncture and figure out what works well for you. Topics covered in this section are:

-Classical acupuncture methods
-Scalp needling
-Auriculo-therapy (one of my favorites)
-Master Tung’s acupuncture
-Balance Method
-Wrist/Ankle acupuncture