Cat's TCM Notes - biomedicineThere are so many biomedical websites out there with such excellent information that it is no longer practical for me to update old information that’s quite possibly outdated at this point. But I do have a list of links and resources for you to check out.

Also, don’t forget about YouTube. There are some excellent learning resources out there for free. Just do a search on your topic in the YouTube site and you will find all kinds of wonderfully gross and gory stuff!

Cat’s TCM Notes old biomedical collection

Pathophysiology & Microbiology
Biomedical Diagnostics
Biomedical Treatment of Disease
Physical Assessment

Anatomy and Physiology Resources

Khan Academy for Human Anatomy and Physiology.
I love this website.

Biology Corner‘s Anatomy site
I love this one too. Turns out I’m an anatomy geek.

Pathophysiology Resources

A course from
You get five days to try it for free. It’s worth the money and it will transfer in to some schools.

Medical Terminology

A list of free medical terminology courses you can take.


The easiest place to go for individual drugs is But there are like a bajillion new drugs on the market every month, so what you really need to have is a basic understanding of the classes of pharmacological drugs and what those classes of drugs do. This is critical to understanding what your patients are taking, how it’s affecting them, and how those substances will interact with any herbs you prescribe.

That said, this book is my favorite – Pharmacology: An Introduction. Breaks it down just like we need it. I have an old copy, circa 2005, that I keep around just because it’s so danged readable.

Fun fact: I treated a patient for wicked bad digestive problems for years before she finally told me she was taking an old school blood pressure medication that is known to cause those symptoms. No wonder I wasn’t making much headway! Asked her to talk to her doc who switched her to another hypertension control medication and the problem largely went away. Now I’m just dealing with the hit her digestion and kidney took from the drug.

Moral to the story #1: Patients don’t tell you everything even when you ask pointedly and repeatedly.
Moral to the story #2: I thank my lucky stars that I learned pharmacology in school.

Physical Assessment Classes Online

You can find most physical assessment tests and techniques online. YouTube is your friend. For real.

But this one is super cool too.