Cats TCM Notes - Chinese Herbal medicineChinese herbal medicine is a wondrous thing! Over the course of thousands of years may doctors have catalogued the properties of individual herbs and have figured out how they work in synchronous harmony together and with the body. Start your education below with a look at an introduction to herbs then move on from there.

Introduction to Chinese Herbs

This is a general overview of the principles of Chinese herbal medicine and an introduction to single herbs and formulas. You will learn some basic Pinyin (English spelling of Chinese names) which will help you identify some of the herbs you will study in Single Herbs.

Single Herbs

Notes and downloads about Chinese single herbs you need to know. This isn’t a full single herb reference – tons of those already exist (check out my kindred spirit at Sacred Lotus or download TCM Clinic Aid, for example). These are my notes on what the herbs do, how they are used in clinic, and what you need to know to use them effectively.

If you are searching for a single herb, use the search feature on this site and it will tell you where it is.


This is how you combine the single herbs together to make customized medicine for your patients. There are tried and true formulas, combinations of single herbs, that are modified to meet individual patient needs.

Herbal Safety

How herbs are safely used including their interactions with western drugs and herbs.


There are many makers of pre-fabricated Chinese herbal formulas. Learn about some of the common ones and how you can use them in clinic.


Syndromes in Chinese medicine and how to best treat them with herbs and herbal formulas.

Herbal Classics

We stand on the shoulders of giants. This is your introduction into the big classics of herbal medicine and the guiding principles that got us to where we are today.

Herbal Treatment of Disease

This puts all of the information together, teaching you the foundational herbal formulas for western and TCM classified diseases and spends a lot of time teaching you how to modify. TCM works on a compounding pharmacy principle, making medicines for each individual for the best healing effects.