Energetics of points and meridians is all about what the points do, how they work together, and how they function within their meridians/channels. If you are a returning user looking for the old structure of CatsTCMNotes, you can find it here. This page addresses Point Energetics topically.

Basic Point and Meridian Energetic Theory and Concepts

Learn about yin and yang, the meridians, where they travel, and the different TCM categories of acupuncture points as well as other foundational concepts you need to know to thoroughly understand why we do this stuff and how it works.

Energetics of the Channels and Points

This section includes all major channels, extraordinary channels, and extra points.

Energetics Study Guides

Basic point and meridian energetic theory study guide
Point categories, Lung and Large Intestine point study guide
Stomach, Spleen, Chong, Ren points study guide
Spleen, Chong, Ren, Heart study guide
Small Intestine and Kidney study guide
Comprehensive guide including Bladder channel and all material above

Five Element study guide
Point categories comprehensive study guide
Channel and pathway comprehensive study guide
Point indications for all meridians comprehensive study guide