This section is about how the Yin organs relate to each other and to the vital substances. You will find this information in the Diagnostics sections in expanded format. This is your introduction to the subject. Also look at how the Yang organs interrelate and how the Yin/Yangs relate together at the bottom of this page.

Yin Organ Interrelationships

This is all about how the Zang organs work together. There are 10 interrelationships to know about.


Heart and Lung . Heart and Liver . Heart and Kidney


Lung and Liver . Lung and Spleen . Lung and Kidney


Liver and Spleen . Liver and Kidney


Spleen and Kidney . Spleen and Heart


This topic has already been covered in the sections above.

Yang Organ Interrelationships

Four things you gotta know:

*Most Yang organs are anatomically connected while the Yins are connected by Channel relationship. The Urinary Bladder is connected through the San Jiao (the water passage-mobile)

*Qi descends in all 6 Yang organs.

*All Yang organs involve digestion and excretion

*All Yang organs have Stomach as their center, thus, adjust the Stomach and you adjust all the others.

Yin-Yang Organ Relationships

Spleen-Stomach, Lung-Large Intestine, Heart-Small Intestine, Kidney-Urinary Bladder, Liver-Gallbladder.

These are Superficial to Internal relationships, not based on anatomical relationship, but on channel distribution. Example: The Heart channel runs medially on the arm and is considered the more internal of the Heart-Small Intestine organ pair. The Small Intestine channel runs laterally on the arm and is the more superficial of the two.


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