Body Fluid is a fluid-like vital substance which contains Jin and YeJin is light and thin while Ye is thicker and more substantive. Here is a table to explain the differences in more detail.

Jin vs Ye

Source of Body Fluids

The source of fluids in the body are the Spleen, Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine. This is where the generation and transformation of body fluids occurs.

Distribution of Body Fluids

Yeah, that's how my notes looked too. Credit for this goes to Gene at

Yeah, that’s how my notes looked too. Credit for this goes to Gene Chuah at

Body fluids are transported around the tissues by three organs, one in each jiao: Lung (upper jiao), Spleen (middle jiao) and Kidney (lower jiao). Of the three, Spleen is the most important for transportation and works as a pivot. There are two reasons why this is true. Both are Five Phase Theory oriented.

Spleen Qi generates Lung Qi
Spleen is the Mother of Lung in Five Element Theory, which is Earth generating Metal. All Lung functions rely on the Spleen.

Spleen controls the Kidney
This is another five element relationship: Earth controlling Water.

Discharge and excretion of body fluids

Two organs are responsible for discharging and excreting body fluids: Lung and Kidney. True, it’s the Yang organs that do the work, but they do it at the bidding of the Yin organs, so the Yins get all the credit.

The Lung controls sweating and opens the sweating pores to release body fluids. The Lung also breathes out vapor. Kidney controls urination. Of the two organs, Kidney is the more important one in this function as it is able to discharge about three times more waste from the body than the Lung does.


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