Acupuncture Treatment Basics Principles - Acupuncture Treatment Basics - Bladder channel pointsBasic principles that apply to all TCM acupuncture treatments: regulating Yin and Yang, tonifying the body, eliminating pathogens, distinguishing the root of the problem from the branch (symptoms), and the treatment of climactic and geographic conditions, as well as individual conditions.
Dr. Luo’s slides

Point Selection

Point selection is critical in mastering acupuncture treatment basics. (You can select in many ways….but when you’re studying for the boards only their selection criteria counts!) Getting a firm grasp on Energetics of Points is crucial, as is understanding Five Element associations and Tendino-Muscular channels. Four Needle features heavily in some schools, so I’ve included a tutorial for you on that below.

Methods of selecting points for treatment. This includes Four Needle point selection (such a bother that I’ve given it its’ own section below).

Five Element Point Chart

Tendino-Muscular and Divergent Channels and Point Usage

Four Needle Technique

This stuff can drive you nuts. If I had it to do over again, I think I’d just memorize the combinations and get it over with. If you’d like to understand it better, try reading my Four Needle Tutorial. You’ll find it starting on page 2 of this document. Four Needle technique is a Korean acupuncture treatment technique and is often used in the US when nothing else works. The underlying idea is a very old one. As it was explained to me on a number of occasions, the underlying theory is based on five element principles and on the idea that you cannot add qi to the body, but you can re-allocate it between the organ systems. (I actually disagree with this, but then I’m one of those Medical Qigong, Reiki, and Pranic healing people who works with qi and channels it to patients every day. If you do Qigong yourself you can actually add qi to the body as well.)

(I actually disagree with this, but then I’m one of those Medical Qigong, Reiki, and Pranic healing people who works with qi. I channel it to patients every day and teach them how to practice for themselves. If you do Qigong yourself you can actually gather qi from the universe and add it to your own body. It’s the only way to replenish your essence.)

Remember in Foundations how we were told you should never ever reduce the Kidney? Well, you actually do in Four Needle therapy and the reason is that idea that you can only re-allocate qi. This smoothes the flow of qi in the body so that it is distributed evenly across all channels and organ systems.

Final Four Needle Confession: It’s easier and faster for the boards if you just memorize the combinations instead of working your way through the “algebra” of figuring out the points. - Acupuncture Treatment Basics - Needle Insertion and Manipulation


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