If you hold a conversation with me for more than about five minutes you will often hear me talk about stress and how it’s killing us. I talk about it, write about it and recommend mindfulness meditation to just about anyone who will listen. And I’m not alone.

This infographic packages the short version of what I have to say in a neat easy to digest package. If you’ve been repeatedly treating a patient for anxiousness, depression, and/or stress, this might be an excellent way for them to help manage their stress. A combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine such as Evergreen’s Calm or Calm ES, and meditation might very well be what your patient needs.

Meditation doesn’t have to take hours on a cushion. Mindfulness meditation is a very accessible form that doesn’t need any gear and can be done anywhere. Check Meetup.com for mindfulness meditation groups in the area.

Feel free to share this graphic with your patients.

Stress and Meditation
Source: BestMedicalDegrees.com

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