We learn in Chinese medicine that moms should rest for a month or more – and I mean really rest in a 24×7 style – after the birth of their babies. That might seem kind of silly from a Western cultural perspective, a culture that encourages women get up, get busy, get back to work and get rid of that baby tummy right after labor and delivery, but as it turns out Chinese medicine is right again.

Cat's TCM Notes - metabolic depletion during pregnancyWomen are at the brink of metabolic depletion by the end of a 9 month pregnancy and are close to metabolic shut-down. This article gives some perspective as to just how draining growing another human being is for the body. It also gives some perspective into postpartum depression, lower back pain, hair loss, and other markers of postpartum depletion.

Don’t forget that even though new moms are pushed to the brink metabolically, they still have to muster the resources to nurture a tiny human. This is something to bear in mind for your clinical and student clinical practices. You will know this, but the postpartum women you treat probably won’t. Educate them and make the world a better place!

Science Daily:
Mother’s metabolism, not birth canal size,
limits gestation

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